Games of the XXI Olympiad (CD)


New double-length album, the fourth from Melbourne group Black Cab.

Exclusive limited edition extended length CD's. 

Track listing

  1. Opening Ceremony
  2. Supermädchen
  3. Victorious
  4. Performance Center Obertauern
  5. Kornelia Ender
  6. Go Slow
  7. Problem Child
  8. Combat Boots
  9. Little Blue Ones
  10. My War
  11. Sexy Polizei
  12. State Plan 14.25
  13. Closing ceremony

 “.. a triumph of artistic vision” 4.5 stars - The Age, Melbourne

"A thrilling artistic vision based on sporting achievement, an album unlike any other…. what they’ve achieved here is masterful."  4.5 stars - The Australian

“These 13 tracks stroke tension like an expert film score… transported you will be.” - 4.5 stars Stack Magazine

"... a magical history tour of electronica."  4 stars - Courier Mail

 "..a challenging exploration of soundscapes and storytelling, ultimately rewarding and represents not only Black Cab in their element, but also a moment in history that deserves reliving." 4 stars, The Music, National

"..a vista from Kraftwerk to Joy Division, ambient layers of synth, guitar and kitchen sink" - Rolling Stone Australia

"It’s not just an evolution for the artist, but a worthy innovation for the genre in-itself, taking the best parts of '70’s psychedelic post-punk and injecting them with contemporary influences… It’s a strong, inventive new release.” - 4ZZZ FM, Brisbane

 Album Of The Week - RTR FM, Perth, Triple R, Melbourne, SYN FM, Melbourne